What the Labor / Greens Coalition Have Promised to Deliver for the Global Goals in ACT

Caterina Sullivan
3 min readOct 28, 2020

Saturday October 17 marked the final day for voting in the ACT Election. The result was not as anyone expected with a 3.2% swing towards the Greens and a 0.9% swing away from Labor and 2.9% swing away from Liberal, securing a Labor / Greens Coalition win for the ACT.

The Parliament will be made up of 10 Labor members, 6 Greens members and 9 Liberal members. The Labor and Liberal parties each lost two seats, and the Greens gained 4.

The election commitments from both Labor and the Greens work strongly towards the achievement of the Global Goals. We have outlined some of the commitments below.

Goal 1: No Poverty

- Rebate on energy bills for vulnerable households (Labor)

The Greens did not have an initiative directly targeting this goal; however, many of their policies will indirectly work towards achieving this goal.

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Labor did not have an initiative directly targeting this goal.

- Food for All strategy (Greens)

Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being

- More healthcare staff (Labor)

- Investment in Calvary Public Hospital (Labor)

- 5 new walk-in health centres (Labor)

- Furrhter services at walk-in centres (Labor)

- New elective surgery centre (Labor)

- Increased mental health support for young people (Labor)

- Hydrotherapy facility in Tuggeranong (Labor)

- Pilot healthcare facility in Molonglo (Labor)

- Pill testing (Greens)

- Clubs for the Community program (Greens)

Goal 4: Quality Education

- More teachers and teaching staff (Labor)

- Upgrade and renewal of public schools (Labor)

- New schools across Canberra (Labor)

- Jobs package for tertiary education (Labor)

- Free early learning for every three-year-old (Labor)

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