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  • Rais Busom

    Rais Busom

    Strategic Thinker — Digital B2C-B2B Professional — Entrepreneur — Author

  • Jason William Kumpf

    Jason William Kumpf

    Jason William Kumpf is the Director Of Strategic Partnerships at World Wits.

  • Leonard Baeta

    Leonard Baeta

    Leonard Baeta is a sixth grade teacher and an athletic coach currently living and working outside of Sacramento, California.

  • Ugo Therien

    Ugo Therien

  • David Katzlinger

    David Katzlinger

  • April Thomas

    April Thomas

    MangoApps content and copywriter

  • Observely


    Observely is a automated competitor analysis tool avaliable at and free to use during our beta!

  • Silvano Stoicescu

    Silvano Stoicescu

    Digital Entrepreneur. Founder at Versum Media Group Int. Infinite Learner. I write about AI, VR, UBI, Longevity, Media. Interested in: know you better, pizza.

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